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An Apprenticeship is a way to get the real work experience and skills employers are looking for. You will be a stand-out in the field of job applicants with your hands-on training and the confidence it brings.

If you have the Level 2 qualifications to progress but you’re not sure if college or university are right for you, take a look at an Apprenticeship as a direct route into a job you will love.

At Skills Training UK, we work with hundreds of employers to recruit and train emerging talent and we know Apprenticeships transform the skills and confidence of individuals, teams and even the whole company.

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    I never thought when I left school that I’d be doing physics and things like that. But it’s practical, on the job learning. I’m not really someone who can sit down and read a book, I’d rather be getting hands on experience.

    Tyler Sharrock, 17, former PMO Apprentice now taking Level 2 NDT Operator.

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    What is an Apprenticeship?

    An Apprenticeship is a paid job where you have time set aside to study for a formal qualification.

    Apprenticeships are available at Level 2 (GCSE) through to 7 (Master’s Degree) and can be taken by new recruits and experienced employees. Your employer and the Government pay the course fees.

    Apprenticeships are as varied as the employers who offer them, but each programme has a ‘Standard’ which will tell you about the skills, knowledge and behaviours you will learn.

    How to find an Apprenticeship

    To find an Apprenticeship you need to use the National Apprenticeship System. You can check for opportunities by industry and location to find out what is available near you.

    All the vacancies available with our employer partners and delivered by us are added to the national database.

    To apply for a vacancy you will need to create an account on the National Apprenticeship system and check the entry requirements for the Apprenticeships you want to apply for.

    Don’t have the qualifications?

    If you don’t meet the entry requirements for the Apprenticeship you want, we can help. Whether it is help with Maths and English or more industry specific training you need, our Courses for 16-18s, Traineeships and Courses for Adults all offer pathways into Apprenticeships, further education or employment.

    Currently working but want to upskill?

    If you are already in employment and interested in taking an Apprenticeship, talk to your employer about your goals and ask them to talk to us to see if we can help.

    See Apprenticeships by sector on our website.

    We also offer free courses for adults in employment looking to achieve more.

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    Apprenticeships for young people

    1.How is an Apprenticeship different for a Traineeship?

    A Traineeship is a training programme where you work towards a qualification (or two!) while also learning employability skills and developing your personal skills and confidence. It’s a great stepping stone to further education and training, an Apprenticeship or a job.

    An Apprenticeship is a paid job with work-related training. Sometimes they are highly technical for a role or sometimes they are more broad with many transferable skills.

    At Skills Training UK we have strong links with employers across all sectors and we are constantly looking to develop pathways which take our learners forward from vocational courses and Traineeships on to paid Apprenticeship roles.

    2.Combining work and training

    Most of your time as an Apprentice is spend learning at work and doing the job you’ve been hired for, but you will have time set aside for regular training and study.

    Skills Training works closely with your line manager and/or training supervisor to make sure you are able to progress well and get any support you need.


    3.Funding for Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeships are funded in two main ways:

    • The Apprenticeship Levy is paid by employers with an annual wage bill over £3 million. This levy goes in to a digital Apprenticeship account which the company can then spend on training for it’s staff through Apprenticeships.
    • Small and Medium-sized companies (SMEs) can get 95% of the cost of Apprenticeship training from the Government and pay 5% themselves.

    For more information on Apprenticeship finding see our Funding and Incentives page.

    Employer Story

    Staffordshire NDT specialists make long-term commitment to local youth with apprenticeships

    “It’s success that benefits everyone, leads to full time employment for local youth, and future proofs the company. And with the Apprenticeship Levy, it’s a no-brainer.”

    Ed Roe, Managing Director and Co-Owner

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    Employer Story

    Applied Inspection Duo praise career and company benefits of unique NDT Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

    I didn’t want to ever reach the level where I’m content and stagnant and not going anywhere. It’s hard work and it’s something to be proud of.

    Joe Morgan

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    Employer Story

    Industry-relevant qualifications with EAL

    Skills Training UK ensures all Trainer Assessors have a high level of expertise and competence within the required skill areas. Rigorous Quality Assurance is applied, and is appropriate to the qualifications being delivered.

    Terry Coles, EAL External Verifier

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    Employer Story

    Helping Youngman Group to invest in its customers through its staff

    As a result of Skills Training UK’s excellent guidance, I’m confident that we’re now offering our customers an even better level of service, which is really important. I know that all of the team is now working to a recognised, professional standard and that this has greatly contributed to the continuous improvement within the department, which is increasing our customer satisfaction all the time.

    Mark Phillips, Customer Service Manager, Youngman Group

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    Employer Story

    World of Books: developing employee futures

    The partnership with Skills Training UK has been very successful, we have been delighted by the enthusiasm of our staff to take on the Apprenticeships and see it as a great step forward for the business and for our employees' individual development.

    Steven Boobyer, Managing Director, World of Books

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