Apprenticeship Levy Payers

Maximise the return on your investment

If you are an employer in the private or public sector with an annual wage bill of more than £3million you will be paying the Apprenticeship Levy.

The Apprenticeship Levy is:

  • A UK tax of 0.5% of your total payroll
  • Collected monthly through PAYE
  • Held in a Digital Apprenticeship Service account
  • Available for 24 months from when you pay the money in, after which funds expire and return to the Government.

Programmes are very carefully planned and tailored in close collaboration with employers to meet their particular needs.


Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

Please enter your annual wage bill to find your estimated annual Levy fund to spend on Apprenticeships.


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Making the Levy easy

Our Levy consultancy can save you time and money by:

  • Co-managing your Digital Apprenticeship Service Account.
  • Helping you work out which Apprenticeships at which levels will meet your needs.
  • Co-designing a flexible delivery plan.
  • Responding to changes in your business.
  • Helping you access new incentives.
  • Making sure you get the very best return on your investment.

Questions about how the Levy works?

Read our FAQs

Benefits of Apprenticeships to Levy paying employers

  • The cost of each Apprenticeship programme is paid in monthly instalments with the final 20% paid at the end, making apprenticeships very affordable.
  • If you have a large number of people to train and want to spend more money than you have in your Digital Apprenticeship Service account, you will only pay 5% of the total cost of additional apprenticeships. The Government pays the remaining 95%.
  • If you are not connected to another company or charity you will get a £15,000 annual levy allowance paid on a monthly basis i.e. £1,250 per month, plus a 10% top up of the levy fund paid monthly. This reduces the total amount of Apprenticeship Levy you pay over the year.
  • Apprenticeship Levy payers also have the option to transfer 25% of their levy, for example to an employer in their supply chain. Speak to us about the best ways to use your levy.

The partnership with Skills Training UK has been very successful and has been a great step forward for the business and for our employees’ individual development.

Steven Boobyer, Managing Director, World of Books

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    Employer Story

    Industry-relevant qualifications with EAL

    Skills Training UK ensures all Trainer Assessors have a high level of expertise and competence within the required skill areas. Rigorous Quality Assurance is applied, and is appropriate to the qualifications being delivered.

    Terry Coles, EAL External Verifier

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    Employer Story

    Helping Youngman Group to invest in its customers through its staff

    As a result of Skills Training UK’s excellent guidance, I’m confident that we’re now offering our customers an even better level of service, which is really important. I know that all of the team is now working to a recognised, professional standard and that this has greatly contributed to the continuous improvement within the department, which is increasing our customer satisfaction all the time.

    Mark Phillips, Customer Service Manager, Youngman Group

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    Employer Story

    World of Books: developing employee futures

    The partnership with Skills Training UK has been very successful, we have been delighted by the enthusiasm of our staff to take on the Apprenticeships and see it as a great step forward for the business and for our employees' individual development.

    Steven Boobyer, Managing Director, World of Books

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    Employer Story

    Thames Clippers on board with Apprenticeships

    The nature of our work is pretty unique and our apprentice staff can often be scattered all over London. Skills Training UK have demonstrated a great understanding of this and have developed an extremely flexible programme to fit in with our way of working. We have dedicated assessors who come out to meet the staff wherever they are based, whether stationary in Greenwich, or floating beneath Tower Bridge!

    Richard Coonz, Customer Service Manager, Thames Clippers

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    Employer Story

    Wembley Stadium winning with Apprenticeships

    With the huge profile that the store enjoys, we have always been conscious of the need to present the right image to our customers and to provide them with the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible. The training that the apprentices have undergone with Skills Training UK has resulted in them demonstrating more care and consideration in all aspects of their job.

    Alex Dixon, Retail Operations Manager, Wembley Stadium Store

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