Delivery Partners

As suppliers of several large training contracts, we often partner with education and training local providers who can add value in any number of ways.

This might be through the variety of their training relevant to the local jobs market, through specialist training or coaching, or local premises which make in-person training and assessments easier for learners. This includes local charities, training companies and colleges.

The success of our partnerships is critical. You will experience excellent management, a culture of collaboration and cooperation and access to resources such as training and marketing.

Partner with us

  • Expertise in designing and delivering bespoke, cost-effective employability training and skills programmes.
  • A continuous improvement team which ensures delivery remains fully compliant and identifies opportunities for excellence.
  • Sector-leading management information systems providing real-time information on customer activity.
  • A clear and transparent process for selecting supply chain partners.
  • Effective management of supply chain partners, including access to training and marketing resources.
  • A culture of collaboration and cooperation between partners.

We work with

  • Local Delivery Partners for European Social Fund and Local Economic Partnership contracts
  • NDT Training Schools and University of Northampton
  • NHS Trusts
  • Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Local charities and training companies

Become a Delivery Partner

If you are interested in working with Skills Training UK, you can contact us to find out more, or check our new opportunities for the latest contract fulfilment opportunities.

Our Supply Chain Policy

We have a transparent process for selecting local delivery partners and a clear and effective strategy for the management of multiple supply chain partnerships. To find out more you can read our Supply Chain Policy.

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    It was a joy to see these young people’s successes. They feel valued and connected, and what Skills Training UK and its partners are achieving is amazing.

    Councillor Gloria Opara, Medway Council’s Deputy Mayor

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