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Supply Chain Policy

If you are interested in joining us as a supply chain partner (sub-contractor) you can find out about the terms and conditions in our Supply Chain Policy. Download our latest policy here –  Supply Chain Policy 2022-23 (1)

Supply Chain Policy

Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to the health and safety of our learners, employees and stakeholders by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work and study environment. Download our latest policy here – Health and Safety policy v3.2 July 2021

Any health and safety queries or concerns can be reported to for review. If you are a learner needing urgent guidance please contact 0800 048 9370.

Health & Safety Policy

Safeguarding Policy

The safety of every learner is essential and our staff and stakeholders receive training to support this. In addition, every learner is introduced to our Safeguarding policy and procedures in their induction programme. Download our latest policy here – 5.1 CHILD AND VULNERABLE ADULT SAFEGUARDING POLICY

Any concerns can be immediately reported to or directly by phone.

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Children and Adults Policy

Prevent Policy

Under Section 26 of the Counter Terrorism Act 2015 we have a responsibility to help stop people becoming drawn into or supporting terrorism. We provide information and training to help counter terrorist ideologies and challenge those who promote them. Download our latest policy here – Skills Training UK – Prevent Policy V1.1

If you think someone is at risk of radicalisation contact or speak with a tutor immediately. The Safeguarding Working Group will review the information and determine if a Prevent referral is necessary.

Prevent Policy

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