HR Privacy Policy

This policy applies to Job Applications being submitted to Skills Training UK and all subsequent HR use of personal data, in addition to Skills Training UK’s general privacy notice.

Purpose for which the information is being sought:

  • Personal administration
  • Employee and industrial relations
  • Equal employment opportunities.
  • Occupational health.
  • Recruitment including work experience applications
  • Staff monitoring performance.
  • Process of monitoring staff leave and attendance
  • Termination of employment
  • Training and development.
  • Access to employee benefits (e.g. Life Assurance)

Information will be held in the following forms:

  • Electronic document retention system
  • Paper
  • Email pending filing within the relevant document retention system

The information will be used to:

A. Comply with contractual obligations under the contract of employment including (but not limited to) the operation of the following schemes and policies:

  • Expenses policy: vehicle, driver and insurance information
  • Sickness Absence Policy: occupational health and absence reporting
  • ll policies contained within the employee handboook

B. Comply with legal requirements under employment legislation including (but not limited to):

  • The Statistics of Trade Act 1947
  • Employment Rights Act 1996
  • Equality Act 2010

Sensitive information will be used:

C. In accordance with the explicit consent of the data subject.

The time the information will be held:

As provided for in the Document Retention Schedule attached to the General Privacy Notice and supplemented by the schedule below.

When and with whom the information will be shared:

With whomWhen
Mencap for the purpose of performing Disclosure and Barring Service checks on employees (formally Criminal Records Bureau checks).Appointment process and every 3 years.
BHSF for pre-employment medical screening.On appointment employees will be sent a link from “COHORT” which the employee would actively supply information for the purpose of confirming their fitness for their role.
BHSF for the purpose of Occupational Health Advice.Appointment process if employee indicates discussion and/or at the point of making an OH referral for which the employee authorises information sent.
Aviva – Pensions.On joining the Skills Training UK.
PSC: Payroll ProviderOn joining the Skills Training UK.
Office of National Statistics for the purpose of completing and returning questionnaires in accordance with section 17 of the Statistics of Trade Act 1947.Quartely.
Internal and/or external Solicitors for the purpose of resolving employee relations disputes and/or defence of a claim.On instruction.
Approved contractors or internal investigation officer (outside of HR Service) to complete an investigation in resolving disciplinary and grievance issues.On instruction.
Quality Department and External Auditors to check process in accordance with statutory requirements.Periodically in accordance with audit timetables.
E-learning (including HM Government, Home Office, Channel, Foundation Online and LinkedIn Learning).Employees supply information directly on instruction.

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