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‘Superstar’ Jerome is shining example of West Midlands success

There was barely a dry eye in the house when Jerome Hohn was announced as an Outstanding Achievement Award winner at our Celebration of Success event.

That’s because the 25-year-old, who faces a range of learning difficulties and had limited English and maths skills when he joined Skills Training UK, has worked extremely hard to overcome a range of barriers and challenges to secure a bright future.

“Jerome has been a superstar,” said Heidi Pickrell, Pastoral Engagement Mentor at our Walsall Centre. “He’s been absolutely amazing. He’s really flourished.”

A work placement with one of our long-standing and trusted employer partners, a local Morrisons supermarket in Walsall, has proved invaluable for Jerome’s development.

The keen footballer has achieved a 100% attendance record during his first-ever taste of work experience, and has improved a range of personal skills, from his confidence to his communication skills.

“When he first arrived he struggled with his letters and numbers but he’s now learnt the alphabet thanks to dot-to-dot activities and he’s just overcome so many barriers,” Heidi said.

“He never complains and really tries hard. He is such a happy person and has such a lovely smile.

‘Superstar’ Jerome is shining example of West Midlands success

He has done so well at Morrisons and developed so many skills, He turned up every day and the store manager, who understands his needs, has been very impressed with him. We’re really proud of him too

Heidi Pickrell - Pastoral Engagement Mentor at our Walsall Centre

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“We have high hopes for Jerome for the future. We’ll work extremely hard to help him work for a local two tick company, possibly in customer service or in a support staff capacity.”

Jerome said: “I’ve had a really good experience at Morrisons so far. I’ve been there for a few months and feel part of the team there.

“It has been my first ever work experience and I’d like to thank Skills Training UK and all their tutors like Heidi for all their fantastic support.”

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I’ve made lots of new friends and feel like I have more confidence now. I’m really happy and proud of myself. My award from the celebration event is sitting proudly in my living room.

Jerome Hohn

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