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Study Programme success at St Eds in Norwich

As a partner to Skills Training UK, the St Edmunds Society (St Eds) delivers Level 1 and Level 2 Study Programmes to young people in Norwich. St Eds offers practical courses in construction, transport maintenance, catering, hair & beauty, and horticulture.

Here are two St Eds success stories – Alfie and Marley – who have overcome huge personal challenges to achieve qualifications and progress in their careers.

Alfie experienced a difficult childhood – his father died young and his mother died in recent years. Losing both parents has understandably been a life changing event which impacted on Alfie’s achievements at secondary school.

Alfie was referred to the St Eds Training Centre in Norwich where he received support from the pastoral team and was encouraged to achieve new skills and qualifications to support him in his future career. Alfie’s determination to work hard and make his family proud has enabled him to achieve a Level 1 Diploma in Construction, Level 1 Award in Construction Environment and Level 1 Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths. Alfie has also passed his Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) exam.

As a result of his exceptional achievements, Alfie was selected as the Norfolk Forum Construction Industry ‘Young Builder of the Year’ and has been nominated for the 2018 Young Builder of the Year national awards event, held at Westminster Abbey in London. Alfie has since been offered an Apprenticeship with building firm RG Carter.

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Alfie is a polite, well-mannered and hardworking young man who has come up against some of life’s toughest challenges at such a young age. Alfie has grown so much throughout his placement at St Eds, he has struggled to make sense of his personal circumstances but he has had the support from his family and the St Eds team to understand his background and form his own identity. We’re all incredibly proud of Alfie’s achievements.

Lorraine Bliss - CEO of St Eds

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Marley moved from Scotland to Norwich and was living in shared accommodation with little income, often missing out meals which left him hungry and unable to concentrate on his work. He has suffered with mental health problems and has also been supporting his family.

Marley joined the St Eds Training Centre where he achieved a Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills, with the majority of his units graded ‘Distinction’. Marley achieved a work experience placement which boosted his self-esteem and confidence, and gave him a new perspective on his future.

With Marley’s attention to detail and passion for the construction industry, he realised his dream was to become a carpenter. He achieved a Level 1 Award in Health & Safety in Construction, along with his Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card. He is now aiming to secure an Apprenticeship as a carpenter or looking for full-time employment on a construction site.

Study Programme success at St Eds in Norwich

Marley, 19

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Marley has been an outstanding student. He has been a very kind and measured student who would always volunteer to help and stay behind to continue any task through to completion. We wish him all the best as he heads towards achieving his goal as a carpenter.

Lorraine Bliss - CEO of St Eds

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