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Emma ready for work after Study Programme and Traineeship

Emma Drakely admits she was very nervous on her first day at Skills Training UK but she was determined to improve her skills and qualifications. Thanks to her hard work and the “fantastic” support from her tutors, the 20-year-old proved herself – and is now ready to tackle the world of work.

“When I first came to Skills Training UK, I didn’t have many friends,” she said. “However, I met lots of new people and quickly found new friends that really supported me and boosted my confidence.”

Emma studied towards qualifications in English and maths, personal development, and customer service. As part of her course, Emma learnt about the importance of customer service in retail business and how to understand customers’ needs, which she then put in to practice during a work experience placement at the Mercure Wolverhampton Goldthorn Hotel. Emma enjoyed her placement at the hotel, where she further developed her communication skills and confidence.

She said: “I really enjoyed working there and working alongside the staff members who made me feel part of the team. It was a great experience and it is a great addition to my CV.

“I’m now looking forward to the future and finding employment. I’m in a much better position to do so, with greater communication skills and confidence.”

Emma Drakely

I really enjoyed studying and training for a job at Skills Training UK and would recommend them to anyone. I miss everyone at Skills Training UK and would like to thank the team for supporting me to get this far. They were fantastic.

Emma Drakely - English and Maths / Personal Development and Employability / Customer Service

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Emma has been successful in securing two job interviews, both of which provided vital insights into what employers expect at this stage of the recruitment process. She discovered her nerves were affecting her performances, and has since received support and coping strategies from Skills Training UK’s Employment Team to improve her confidence.

Jo Heywood, Operations Manager – Midlands at Skills Training UK (pictured above with Emma), said: “When Emma started at Skills Training UK, she was extremely nervous, lacked confidence due to previous bad experiences, and struggled to achieve academically.

“Since then, Emma has achieved L2 maths and L1 English qualifications and completed a 100-hour work placement within her chosen industry of hospitality.

“Emma feels her confidence and self-esteem have increased significantly. She has become more independent and less reliant on others, made new friends, and has been able to determine that she would like to work for a smaller employer within catering or cleaning.”

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