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Business Traineeship helps Rucha achieve college dream

Rucha was just 17 when she first arrived in London from her home in India. She had hoped to enrol in full-time education but, because of the timing of her move, it wasn’t possible.

Rucha was referred to Skills Training UK’s centre in Wembley where she enrolled on a Traineeship for Business Administration – learning the skills and expertise she needed to grow in confidence and progress. Following a successful work placement at the Harness Harrow Practice medical centre she was offered a full-time job – but preferred to stay on in education.


Two years on and Rucha is now studying for A-Levels in biology, psychology and maths at Harrow College. Eventually she hopes to read psychology at either Warwick, Kent or even Cambridge university.

Her time at Harrow College has been just as successful as that spent with Skills Training UK – becoming a student governor, winning a science award and securing an internship with a marketing, sales and recruitment specialist.

Rucha Joshi

Skills Training UK has been absolutely brilliant. I have learnt so much and they have been so supportive. Although I was pleased to be offered a job, I wanted the chance to continue my education and go to university. I now have confidence to take on these challenges and prove myself.

Rucha Joshi - Traineeship for Business Administration

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Rucha Joshi

Rucha Joshi is aiming to read psychology at university

Rucha Joshi

Rucha Joshi, former Traineeship learner.

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