Training for better leadership, better care and better morale.

Technical knowledge is fundamental to NHS success, but good leadership and management often involve a mix of softer skills to ensure teams feel capable, supported and motivated. 

Our Apprenticeships for the NHS are delivered by experienced trainers who will get under the skin of your trust to understand your challenges and adapt the content of the training to your specific trust’s needs. 

The knowledge and skills your people learn can be instantly applied to their working lives and will have an impact far beyond the individual. Skilled staff can make a great impact on the people and procedures around them.  

We’re already partnering with 45 NHS Trusts Nationwide. Don’t get left behind. 

Apprenticeships for the NHS

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships
  • Team Leader/Supervisor – Level 3 
  • Associate Project Manager – Level 4 
  • Operations/Departmental Manager – Level 5
  • Coaching Professional – Level 5 
Continuous Quality Improvement Apprenticeships
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Technician – Level 3 
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Practitioner – Level 4 
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist – Level 5
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Leader – Level 6 
Business Administration and Customer Service
  • Business Administration – Level 3 
  • Customer Service Practitioner – Level 2 
  • Customer Service Specialist – Level 3 
Clinical Coder
  • Clinical Coder – Level 3 
Training NHS managers in Gloucestershire

Our partnership with two NHS Trusts in Gloucestershire is training 70 NHS managers over five cohorts. 

The impact has been significant for both the trust and the clinical and non-clinical mangers who’ve been trained.  

“It’s given them the skills and more importantly the confidence, to be able to go out and lead their teams effectively, so we are definitely seeing a return on investment,” said Rachel Bish from Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust. 

She added: “What we wanted was someone who understood the sensitivities around the pressures which the NHS is under and as Skills Training UK have worked with a lot of other NHS Trusts, we feel that they have this and that they’ve displayed that understanding and that sensitivity with our staff. 

“The key for us is not to overload our staff and take them away from their day job, so the apprenticeship programmes are a perfect fit because they are vocational and they run alongside the job, it allows the individual to carry on with their job role but also take on that apprenticeship training.”  

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