Entry 3 to Level 2

Functional Skills English

Being able to use English effectively will help you communicate effectively in all kinds of situations in the workplace and beyond.

These courses give you the opportunity to get a qualification and read, write, speak, listen and communicate in English. You will be able to understand and contribute to discussions, read texts confidently and fluently and write accurately and effectively for your audience.

Some employers and colleges require you to have achieved Level 2 to apply for a job or a course.


Entry Level 3 - Level 2


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What to expect from Skills Training UK

Energising and well-structured lessons, in small groups.

Individual support and mentoring to help you achieve your goals.

Access to our virtual learning environment for on-demand videos and materials to reinforce learning.

Extra support with English and Maths if you need it.

What does a learner need to do?

Attend regular classes either in-person or online.

Allow time for project work and study each week.

Talk to your trainer for support and guidance if you need more support.

Bring a positive attitude to class and any work experience to make sure you get the most from the opportunity.

Course content

Speaking, Listening and Communicating

  • Identify and extract relevant information and detail
  • Ask and respond to detailed questions using appropriate language in different contexts
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and accurately
  • Follow narratives and lines of argument
  • Adapt discussions to suit audience, purpose and medium
  • Interject and redirect discussion appropriately


  • Identify, understand, extract and compare the main ideas in texts
  • Use effective strategies to find the meaning of words
  • Compare information, ideas and opinions
  • Understand organisational features and use them to find information (e.g. contents, index).
  • Identify meanings, follow an argument and distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Read and understand a range of specialist words in context


  • Use a range of punctuation and grammar correctly
  • Spell words used most often in work, study and daily life
  • Use reference materials
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and accurately
  • Identify meanings in texts and distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Write text of an appropriate level of detail and of appropriate length to meet the needs of the audience


No prior qualifications are needed to register. We will provide a thorough induction, including an assessment of your current competency level and learning needs.


Entry Level 3, Level 1 or 2 certificate from nationally recognised exam board. You can progress to further education and training, an Apprenticeship or job. We can help you take the next steps which are right for you.


To pass the course you will need to complete speaking, listening and communicating assessments assessed by Skills Training UK and external reading and writing assessments, which can be taken on-demand.

Level 1 is equivalent to a GCSE Grade 3/D-E and a Level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE Grade 4/C.

‘Amazing journey’ gets Chakaniya ready for psychology career

I really enjoyed all my courses. The class sizes are smaller than I thought they would be, which allowed me to get more help from my tutors. They were all very lovely and always answered my questions. Skills Training UK really have changed my life - I recommend them to anyone.

Chakaniya Chandran, Cancer Research UK

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