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Successful learning develops employee leadership skills at Church & Dwight UK

Church & Dwight UK is part of a large international company based in America. The UK team boasts over 300 employees in jobs ranging from product development to logistics. The company itself isn’t that well known to the average consumer, however the brands they produce are, such as Batiste dry shampoo and Pearl Drops toothpaste.

Quality is a key fundamental to the continued success of Church & Dwight UK and one way they achieve that is by having loyal, experienced staff. On average employees at the company have been working for ten or more years, showing knowledge and understanding of the products they create.

Church and Dwight

The Team Leader course has helped our staff think about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, as well as helping them to understand the business as a whole and how it’s run.

Simon Sesay, Continuous Improvement Manager, Church & Dwight UK

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Since 2015, Skills Training UK have been working alongside Church & Dwight UK to provide the core skills needed for their staff to be able to lead teams effectively. Many of the employees have benefited by learning about different leadership styles and communication techniques for managing their work colleagues.

Church and Dwight

Church and Dwight

It has broadened their horizons in terms of what they do now and helps them realise what they’ve been doing well and the areas where they could improve.

Simon Sesay, Continuous Improvement Manager, Church & Dwight UK

I've learnt lots of skills about motivating team members and how to allocate them properly - identifying people’s skills sets allows me to now assign staff to stations where I think they’d work best and if there were any skills gaps, how could I implement the training to fill them. Alongside Skills Training UK and my managers, we analysed how certain shifts do better than others in terms of output production. Since then, we implemented new shift timetables and now the production is a lot more efficient, steady and equal. The course has taught me new things but it’s also made me do my job better and given me the skills for career progression - I’m very thankful for that.

James Fright, Operator

It’s been very interesting and involved a lot of hard work to complete this course, but I feel like I have benefited so much by taking part. Fitting this course in around my work and private life has been difficult but with the excellent support from my managers and Skills Training UK I’ve made it successfully to the end and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s helped me develop personally and within my working life. I’ve learnt lots of new things which I can and have applied to my work. The highlight of the course has definitely been that it’s brought us closer together as a team because we’ve found we have been supporting each other more.

Chris Zawieska, Operator

I’ve learnt a lot of great skills throughout the Team Leader course. ICT was the main one for me, but also there was a great unit on managing the team better where I picked up so many useful and beneficial tips. I’ve found it all really interesting, it’s a lot of hard work but I’ve enjoyed it all.”

Jane Ellander, Operator

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