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Quality and production improves at Church & Dwight UK through BIT

Church & Dwight UK is part of a large international company based in America. The UK team boasts over 300 employees in jobs ranging from product development to logistics. The company itself isn’t that well known to the average consumer, however the brands they produce are, such as Batiste dry shampoo and Pearl Drops toothpaste.

Quality is a key fundamental to the continued success of Church & Dwight UK and one way they achieve that is by having loyal, experienced staff. On average employees at the company have been working for ten or more years, showing knowledge and understanding of the products they create.

Skills Training UK have been working with Church & Dwight UK since 2015 to deliver Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) training. This 12-month apprenticeship is aimed at upskilling production teams with new methods and thinking to be able to work more efficiently and effectively on the shop floor.

During the fully bespoke training, the employees have undertaken workplace projects which have seen the company strengthen its production output. One of the projects was to cut down the ‘changeover’ period between product lines on the machines. The changes implemented by Church & Dwight UK staff as a direct result of the training have seen a reduced amount of time needed to swap materials, therefore making the 24-hour production flow much smoother.

Apprenticeship Programme Partner

I’ve had one member of staff come up to me and say that they’re ‘looking in their own workstation for things to improve’ which is all we have ever wanted. This programme by Skills Training UK has changed their mentality for the better.

Simon Sesay, Continuous Improvement Manager, Church & Dwight UK

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Church and Dwight

Church and Dwight

We’ve got a new line of products coming soon and you always get ‘teething’ problems, however the staff are now so much more efficient and open to problem solving and thinking outside the box – it’s fantastic.”

Simon Sesay, Continuous Improvement Manager, Church & Dwight UK

My teambuilding skills are much better now which is great as we all work on a high-speed line and it’s essential that we all get along and know one another’s strengths and weaknesses to make the line more efficient. One of my projects was to make a storage rack safer and it has made such a difference in my work life as it saves time and doesn’t put as much pressure on my arms and back.

Dan Isden, Operator

Skills Training UK were brilliant. The Trainer Assessors were so supportive throughout the course along with my managers. I’ve learnt so many new useful skills which I have used in my work and outside of work, it has made me more determined and confident. My project was to better organise pallets for when the drivers come to pick them up. By colour coding the products we have made it more time efficient and much easier for the drivers to come in, pick up and get on the road again.”

Donna Stone, Operator

Learning about continuous improvement has been very helpful, because when you’re in a factory and there are new products and new machines, the way in which staff deal with those things can always be improved whether it be to cut down on time or just making it safer. Skills Training UK helped us to develop a better storage system, so now staff on the line only order in what they want rather than getting a big pallet of components which we may not have space for.

Winifred Doyle, Operator

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