24 March 2022

Skills Training UK awarded Neurodivergent Champions status

Inclusivity and respect are at the core of our values as a company and form some of the core pillars around which we approach our learners.

We believe that with the right tuition and support everyone can make positive progress towards their goals.

That’s why we’ve been training key staff in supporting neurodivergent learners. As a result we’ve been awarded Neurodivergent Champions status from Cognassist, an edtech company created to develop a more inclusive world by ensuring no learner is left behind.

Their neurodiversity masterclasses are designed to reduce barriers to education so every learner can reach their potential.

The neurodiversity masterclass teaches participants how to apply personalised learning to improve engagement and boost attainment for neurodivergent people, why reasonable adjustments matter and how to make them and best practice guidance.

Anthony Melia, Head of Quality at Skills Training UK added: “Helping people to overcome any potential barriers to a rewarding career is one of the things we do best at Skills Training UK.

“Sometimes a fresh approach, in a different environment, with extra support makes all the difference to someone who might have been struggling in traditional school or college environments.”

In addition to Neurodivergent Champions Status, all our tutors are trained in Mental Health First Aid, so they can spot the signs of an individual needing more support and make adjustments to their learning or schedule to keep them on track.

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