7 April 2016

Training Companies – Helping Employers and Individuals

With the growth of work based learning and apprenticeships, a growing number of training companies have been set up to cover all areas of the UK, including Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Merseyside. So how should an employer go about choosing the right training company to work with? Or if you are an individual who is trying to find apprenticeship vacancies or take on a traineeship, where is the best place to look?

Whether you are a company trying to find a training provider or a prospective trainee or apprentice looking for a programme to join, in either case the emphasis needs to be on the quality of training offered. Skills Training UK has built a reputation for quality as a top provider of Government-backed schemes, as well as commercial employee training.

How Training Companies Can Support Employers

Apprenticeships and Workforce Training: Setting up a successful apprenticeship scheme is all about teamwork. It's essential to find a training company which has a good understanding of your industry. They can then work with you to create a programme which will be relevant to your needs and deliver the skills you are looking for.

As national training providers, at Skills Training UK we have a wealth of experience and have worked with many different sectors of industry throughout the country. For instance, we helped move management firm Sargents, based in Kent, to set up an apprenticeship programme building team leading skills. We also worked with West Sussex-based World of Books, which sells second-hand books via the web, to offer apprenticeships meeting different areas of work within their business.

As well as setting up tailored training and apprenticeship courses to build the skills of existing staff, you may need to recruit new apprentices. In this case, it's important to choose a company which will be able to help you with finding the right people. Again, we have all the relevant expertise and can guide you through the entire process. This includes checking what apprenticeship funding you may be entitled to, advertising vacancies and interviewing applicants.

Traineeships: Another valuable way in which training providers can work with employers is through traineeships. These are shorter training courses than apprenticeships and are aimed at young people who are currently out of the workplace and need to develop their skills.

Employers are involved by providing work placements for trainees, which have to be at least 100 hours. The young people training also receive extended classroom training, as well as vocational courses, all funded by the Government.

A traineeship can bring real benefits to an employer, provided you have support from expert training companies who can help you to set up a quality work placement. Training under this scheme needs to be carefully designed and organised, to ensure it is focused on your business and the skills you need. Skills Training UK will give you all the support you need to achieve a successful placement.

We run two schemes tailored to the needs of specific workplace sectors and areas of the country. One of these is a service sector traineeship scheme based in London, which teaches skills designed to meet the needs of service companies in the capital and the South East. The other is geared to the demands of industry in the West Midlands, with trainees receiving their classroom learning at training centres based in Dudley and Walsall.

How Training Companies Help Individuals

If you're seeking jobs that offer training, it can be difficult to find the opportunities you are looking for to build your skills. However, approaching expert training companies means they can guide you towards vacancies which will enable you to get the tuition and experience you are looking for.

Apprenticeships offer the chance to undertake structured training and work towards a recognised national qualification, while at the same time being paid and building a relationship with an employer. But, if you're considering applying to become an apprentice, it can be hard to know where to start, and which vacancies to apply for.

If you contact Skills Training UK, we can help to guide your search, and discuss with you which apprenticeships are best suited to your individual talents and ambitions. If you have been out of work for a time and feel your skills need sharpening before you apply for an apprenticeship, we can also help you to find a traineeship.

This is a shorter training course including a quality work placement, which can give you a way into the workplace and help to build your confidence and abilities, as well as key skills such as Maths and English. A traineeship can also help you to decide whether to commit to an apprenticeship in a particular field.

Whether you are an employer or a current or prospective employee, if you are looking for experienced training companies to work with you, Skills Training UK can help. We are ready to work with you and give the support you need.

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