3 February 2015

The sky’s the limit as young people experience work at BT Tower

The sky’s the limit for young people in Wembley as they undertake work experience placements at BT Tower as part of their Traineeship for the Service Sector with Skills Training UK.

Through a pioneering partnership between BT and Skills Training UK, the young trainees are gaining an insight into new technology, the media and communications networks during two-week work placements at the BT Tower in Central London. They each have a BT ‘host’ employee to shadow and experience various technical, engineering, IT and customer service roles.

As well as learning about different job roles, there is a focus on improving individual employability skills. The timetable includes mock interviews, practical thinking and business problem solving, with practical exercises. Each young person keeps a log and discusses learning points each day with their BT hosts.

The first group of young people undertook their work experience from 10th – 20th November and another group will begin on 8th December.

Abi Osho, Operations Manager at Skills Training UK, said: “The young people recognise this is such a valuable opportunity which is opening their horizons.  They are gaining the practical skills and confidence to progress to an Apprenticeship and succeed in the world of work.”

She added: “We would like to thank BT for their innovation in pioneering this new Traineeships opportunity with us and look forward to working with them closely in the coming weeks as further groups of young people on our Traineeships for the Service Sector experience working at BT Tower.”

Damian Brown, Ready to Work Programme Lead, said “We recognise that it’s tough at the moment for young people to find jobs which is why we are delighted to be partnering with Skills Training UK to help their trainees gain the valuable experience they need to progress to employment. BT has a number of programmes across the UK that help school children and adults prepare for work as well as recruiting hundreds of apprentices and graduates each year.”

James Mellor, Technical Service Delivery Manager, BT Tower, said: “It’s been a great success for the trainees and for the BT employees involved. The young people have made the most of the opportunity to learn and we have invited them to stay in touch if they need any advice from us and to see how they’re progressing with their careers. We’re really looking forward to the next group as we got a huge buzz from working with the first cohort.”

BT Apprentices and former Apprentices who have progressed with the company are leading the Traineeships project at the BT Tower. Jack Downey, Apprentice Coordinator at BT Tower, said: “The individual confidence of the trainees who have completed the placements has improved tremendously and the difference in them is phenomenal. We wanted to give them skills they could take away and I’m proud of what they have achieved in just two weeks.”

One of the group, Maera Khan,18, has applied for a BT Apprenticeship as a result of the positive experience she had during the work placement. She says: “It was a fantastic experience and a real opportunity to learn about global TV networks and broadcasting. I learned so much and it inspired me to apply for a BT Apprenticeship.”

Skills Training UK are a leading provider of Apprenticeships and Traineeships. They have taken the Government’s flagship Traineeships programme and tailored it to meet the emerging employment opportunities in London’s service industries.

The result is the unique Traineeships for the Service Sector programme which is for 16-24 year-olds who have the potential to secure a full-time job or an Apprenticeship or to go onto further education or training.

Before their work placement the young people complete a 10 week programme of classroom based learning at Skills Training UK’s Wembley training centre to gain essential skills for full-time employment. The work preparation includes CV writing, interview techniques and careers help, as well as English, Maths and ICT coaching.

At the end of the work placement each young person is given an interview, employer testimonial and a reference to add to their CV. Skills Training UK then works with each young person to progress them into an Apprenticeship, full-time job or into further education or training.

For further information about Skills Training UK’s Traineeships for the Service Sector phone Sangeeta on 07506 676745.

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