4 February 2015

Skills Training UK shares expertise with international partners

Skills Training UK is beginning to build an international reputation for its employment and training programmes and in 2013 has advised Government departments and agencies in Korea, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria and Sweden.

Following a recommendation from the Department for Work and Pensions, KRIVET (the Korean Research Institute for Vocational and Educational Training) has visited Skills Training UK’s head office to learn more about the English model of vocational education and training, including delivery of training programmes and relationships with funding bodies.

Senior management took time to share their views and answer questions in order to best advise KRIVET based on personal experiences, reflecting upon what has and hasn’t worked previously in the UK in the delivery of training programmes.

The Korean visitors also had the opportunity to meet learners, discuss how Skills Training UK coordinates its delivery on a day-to-day basis and see how the training is helping to improve each individual through boosting self-confidence and other skills.

Martin Dunford, OBE, Chief Executive Skills Training UK, says: “We were very pleased to host the Korean Research Institute for Vocational and Educational Training to help them learn more about how we design and deliver our programmes. They were really enthusiastic and enjoyed meeting some of our learners.”

In Poland, Skills Training UK is assisting the Sadecka Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego (SARR) agency with securing ESF funding to support the strengthening of its social economy and a reduction in the numbers of people at risk of social exclusion. Employment and training solutions already proven in the UK are to be tailored for delivery in Polish communities.

Most recently, Skills Training UK has participated in an international project ‘increasing the employability of young people’, commissioned by Damaco in the Czech Republic and involving training and employment partners from Austria and Sweden as well. Skills Training UK is sharing information to identify best practice and has been actively involved in visits and discussions with the international partners.

Martin added: “The interest we have received internationally has given us a unique opportunity to hear about the challenges other countries are facing. Skills Training UK has been tackling these issues for over twenty years and it’s pleasing to be able to share our experience and ideas.”

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