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Traineeship for Service Sector helps Jessica gain confidence

Traineeship for Service Sector helps Jessica gain confidence

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The sky’s the limit with work experience at BT Tower

The sky’s the limit with work experience at BT Tower

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European Social Fund (ESF) Contracts

We are a Prime Contractor for the European Social Fund (ESF) contracts from 2014-2020, which are delivered through local supply chains. We have a proven track record of delivering high performing skills and employability contracts, and also deliver other large scale regional training and skills programmes for EU fund managing authorities.

Graham Clarke, Director of Education and Social Mobility at Skills Training UK, said: “The contracts started in late 2016 with an original completion date of March 2018. However, an extension has now been granted to March 2019.

“In addition, growth is an option on several of the contracts, so we are potentially sourcing a small number of additional but effective partners who can respond and set up quickly.”

ESF Contract: Black Country Skills Support for Unemployed (SSU)

These courses provide access to employment for jobseekers and inactive people, helping those who are disadvantaged but still relatively close to the labour market to tackle barriers to work and enter and sustain employment in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area. Courses are available for people aged 18 and above and can range from four weeks to six months in length.

ESF Contract: Black Country NEET IAG

The partners for this programme provide bespoke careers advice and training sessions for jobseekers and inactive people aged 18-24. The mentors provide focused guidance to help learners identify their skills, strengths and employment prospects, giving them the ability to move into local employment, apprenticeships, further training or education opportunities. Learners receive hands-on support, such as CV writing workshops and interview techniques, tailored job matching and apprenticeship services, and access to local employers and NEET organisations.

ESF Contract: M3 Corridor Skills Support for Unemployed (SSU) Lot 1

Careers advice and essential skills are provided to unemployed and inactive people aged 25 and over who are furthest from the job market to help them gain permanent employment (which could include an apprenticeship) or further education. Skills training is tailored to help meet local economic needs as identified by employers in growth and niche sectors. The overall aim is to boost social inclusion and mobility.

ESF Contract: M3 Corridor SSU Lot 2

Employability and interview skills, careers advice and tailored job matching services are provided to unemployed people aged over 25 who are closest to the job market. Through upskilling and retraining opportunities, individuals are supported to help gain employment or undertake further education, such as apprenticeships. Local employers in growth and niche markets are also engaged to help meet local economy requirements.

ESF Contract: South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) Skills Support for Unemployed (SSU) Kent and Sussex

This programme works with long-term unemployed and inactive young people aged 15-24 to support them into sustained employment by providing them with basic skills to help them overcome barriers to employment. The Enhancing Apprenticeships programme progresses these young people onto apprenticeships and traineeships through industry specific entry level qualifications, work experience and other measures.

ESF Contract: South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) Numeracy

This programme delivers numeracy skills to people aged over 16 who are employed, particularly by SMEs, with a goal of increasing numeracy rates of Level 2 and above in East Sussex. Individuals are provided with opportunities to gain accredited qualifications through specific short courses to support knowledge and progression within the workplace.

ESF Contract: South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) Basic Skills

This programme promotes the in-work progression of employed individuals with low skills, from Entry Levels to Level 2, through the delivery of work-related skills training including Basic Skills, ESOL and short sector specific courses. Individuals are progressed onto apprenticeships and further education.

ESF Contract: London Youth Talent

The London ESF Youth Programme aims to address the needs of young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) – or who are ‘at risk’ of becoming NEET – and secure their sustained participation in appropriate education, training or employment, such as progression into jobs, traineeships or apprenticeships.

London Youth Talent involves our partners in undertaking research with employers to identify work experience and job opportunities for the young people. Our partners receive referrals of young people from the London Youth Programme for the opportunities they have identified.

ESF Contract: Careers Clusters

Careers Clusters provide opportunities for secondary schools and further education colleges in 12 targeted areas of London to work together to develop a programme that finds work placements and internships for students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The programme helps senior leadership teams design high quality careers guidance for pupils by experimenting with different employer-based activities for pupils, helping teachers understand London's job opportunities, and supporting pupils into work placements and internships. The predominant industry areas are creative and digital, food, hospitality and IT.