Performing Manufacturing Operations

Levels offered: Level 2 (intermediate)

This Level 2 Apprenticeship is part of our Improving Operational Performance qualification and is designed for those who would like to work within the Manufacturing Industry. Manufacturing is one of the largest industries out there - nearly everything we use, eat, drink, or travel in has been manufactured.

You could work as a Process operator, who is responsible for setting and operating machines during production along with planning and setting up the sequence of operations according to drawings, layouts and other instructions; a Maintenance operator, who ensures that machines and equipment used for production are maintained and serviceable; a Production inspector, who inspects sub-assemblies or finished products for faults before the next phase of production or delivery to the customer or an Assembly operator who is responsible for assembling products using jigs and tools.

As a Performing Manufacturing Operations apprentice you could work in a wide range of sectors including: electrical, electronic, automotive, aviation, metal goods, marine and more.