28 October 2015

High quality work experience creates pathways to employment

The high quality work experience placements organised for young people on Skills Training UK’s Traineeships for Industry and Traineeships for the Service Sector are creating pathways to new employment for young people in the West Midlands.

One employer which has welcomed Traineeships is First Components, a specialist precision engineering company with sixty employees across its three companies. First Components has recently employed three young people (Patrick Pearce, Micha Williams and Anja Clinton) after they completed work experience placements with the firm.

All three were introduced to the firm by Skills Training UK, which will continue to work with the young people as they develop their skills through apprenticeship training in the workplace.

Julie Hayward, Company Secretary at First Components, commented: “The Traineeships programme work experience placement of 100 hours gives the employer time to get a good idea what skills the candidates have. We were looking to take on younger people as there is a shortage of engineering skills at the moment and we were able to recruit three out of the six or seven who came for work experience with us from Skills Training UK.”

Patrick, Micha and Anja have been recruited into roles on the shop floor engineering production, in business administration and in purchasing.

Patrick Pearce has begun an apprenticeship in Performing Manufacturing Operations which Skills Training UK will deliver the training on. He is also being trained in house and is competently operating CNC millers.

Meanwhile as the new recruit in First Components’ purchasing department, Anja Clinton is fulfilling the company’s need to succession plan through her apprenticeship in Business Administration. Julie Hayward at First Components, added: “We needed to train younger people to assist in the administration side of the business before senior members of our work force retire. It’s worked out well for us and Anja is doing as much as possible to learn her new role.’

Third recruit Micha has won a job in First Components’ partner company Savigny Oddie Limited and has begun a Business Administration apprenticeship in the general office department, dealing with all aspects of day to day enquiries etc and communicating with both UK and international customers and suppliers.

Stephen Crawley, Skills Director, Skills Training UK, says; “We want to meet the emerging and growing needs of engineering and logistics companies, supporting local businesses in overcoming their skills gaps. The Traineeships for Industry, Traineeships for the Service Sector and our Apprenticeships training are aligned to the Black Country’s vision for economic development.”

Before their Traineeship work placements the 16-24 year-olds undertake relevant training at Skills Training UK’s centres in Walsall or Dudley. The courses are designed to equip them with skills in the industry or service sectors, as well as improve their numeracy, literacy, communication and team work. 

Other employers which Skills Training UK is working with in the West Midlands include Gerrymet, Care Spares Ltd, Repose Furniture, PM Products, Drury Casements and Decathlon.

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