23 May 2016

Fast Track

Fast Track to Apprenticeships

Give yourself the competitive edge and Fast Track to your Apprenticeship 

If you’re looking for an apprenticeship in Business Administration, Customer Service or the fast moving world of IT or Digital Marketing then our Fast Track course is just what you need to get you started.

Fast Track will make sure you are work and interview ready by providing essential IT and employability skills that every employer wants. This intensive course is broken down into two parts:

Part 1: 5 weeks of Fast Track learning

In the first 5 weeks of Fast Track you will learn all the essentials for getting onto an Apprenticeship by attending our Apprenticeship Academy where:

  • you will work on your CV so it’s tailored for each Apprenticeship position you apply for
  • learn what employers are looking for when they recruit and what to expect during your first few weeks at work
  • get ready for interview and learn how to answer those difficult questions
  • gain an essential IT qualification covering IT security, internet usage, email, spreadsheets and word processing
  • if you need to, achieve the Functional Skills required by the Apprenticeship Framework you want to follow

Part 2: up to 3 weeks of vital work experience 

Work experience on Fast Track will help you get your Apprenticeship position. We find many placements lead to an Apprenticeship as employers use this as part of their selection process. 

During this time we will be matching you to the apprenticeship vacancies we have sourced with a wide range of local employers – helping you get that interview and the Apprenticeship you want.

Qualifications and Benefits:

  • BCS IT User Award (ECDL)
  • Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills
  • Travel costs covered
  • £50 worth of vouchers to get work ready clothes when you move into your Apprenticeship

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