18 March 2016

BIT training enables manufacturer to make big productivity gains

West Midlands based Ramsay Rubber, which manufactures die-cut parts in high performance, lightweight cellular materials for sealing, thermal and acoustic applications, has increased its production efficiency through training in Business Improvement Techniques delivered by Skills Training UK.

The leading independent apprenticeship training provider worked with six employees at Ramsay Rubber during the 12-month training programme, which focused on improving productivity and reducing waste in the manufacturing process, with the result being a saving of over 100 hours of production time, valued at over £3,000.

Product quality and innovation are essential for Ramsay Rubber to remain at the forefront of its industry and the firm has always been forward thinking, especially when it comes to training its 40 staff.

Paul Killeen, Managing Director at Ramsay Rubber, said: “The BIT training has made the already experienced team more open to new ways of thinking about how to improve their efficiency and contribution.”

Employees developed their knowledge in areas including organisational safety, effective team working, visual management systems and continuous improvement techniques. They learnt how to use the Japanese Kaizen approach to problem-solving and process improvement and in the second half, their training completed three workplace related projects on Quality, Cost and Delivery, which led to the production time savings.

Ian Maydew, Operations Manager, said: “Since starting the training, our employees have been much more interactive and better equipped to challenge processes and are prepared to ask questions. In addition to their input as individuals at their stations, there is much more input to our work as a team. I feel this process has been invaluable to the company and for the employees who took part.”

Read the full case study about Ramsay Rubber on our website here or for further information about Ramsay Rubber see www.ramsayrubber.com

Photo Caption: Ramsay Rubber in the West Midlands where Business Improvement Techniques training by Skills Training UK has enabled the team to improve production efficiency

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